Stage 2 Update – Returning to the GDA Dance Studio Rooms

Look how far we have come GDA Families!

Since the world as we knew it changed at the end of March we have all been challenged, been stretched, adapted, persevered and persisted. We’ve had to embrace new ways of doing things – dance and drama lessons included! Thank you to all those who have grown along with us through our time online. We are so grateful for sharing our Term 2 2020 ZOOM journey with you all.  We have loved seeing your cats, dogs, birds, grandmas, dancing dads and little siblings! You are amazing for dancing in your garage, doing drama in your backyard and smiling through the audio delays!! We think ALL the folks at home are tech experts and love how we all know much more about video settings that we ever did before! BUT……. we are OUTRAGEOUSLY excited that our time on ZOOM is coming to a close!

In order to welcome our students back to the studio we have to follow some very strict guidelines under the Queensland Governments Stage 2 restriction rules. These guidelines will apply for the rest of Term 2. When we return after holidays in Term 3 we expect to be in Stage 3, and so will update any changes accordingly.

Please read the following points regarding:

  • Resuming paused classes
  • The location of your classes
  • The timetable for Term 2
  • The requirements for returning to the studio.


Students who have paused their enrolment or reduced classes will need to re-enrol in ALL the classes they plan to attend before turning up to class. You will be sent an “INTENT TO RETURN” form via email this week that you will need to complete before returning. This is in order to manage the number of students in any one building.

If you had paused or cancelled your place in a class please do not turn up to class until you have told us of your intent to return, and have received a reply with your studio name (eg MP13, PT, D1 etc) and class information.


You will be attending your classes in the exact room that your ZOOM Code is for MP13, MP14, D1 or D2. This may be the same class as Term 1, but it may be different. Please check your codes or email if you are unsure. The only exception to this is that all Drama classes will return to the Performance Theatre.


We are continuing to use the ZOOM class timetables for your in-person class. If you had your class time or day changed from your Term 1 class to a different timeslot for the ZOOM format please do not refer back to the Term 1 timetable. Your in-person class is the same day and time as you did the online ZOOM class.


The following are key points regarding your return to the GDA studios next week.

  • Only attend the Dance sessions you are enrolled in.
  • Follow signage and teacher instructions at all times.
  • No not attend the campus if you or your child have symptoms typical to COVID-19. Or if you have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19. Please contact the office for information on waiting times to return to class.
  • Parents and carers are requested to not enter the dance rooms or the actual Performance Theatre at all. Only students are to enter the rooms.
  • Teachers will not be available to talk with parents before or after classes. Please email if you wish to have a questions passed to a teacher.
  • Parents and carers are not to mingle or wait within the campus of Genesis. Please drop your children and then wait outside the school or in your car in the Genesis carpark before coming back in to collect them.
  • The GDA Waiting room will not be available for anyone (adults or children) to use after school or between classes until we return in Term 3.
  • Classes will still run at 45-50 minutes for the remainder of Term 2. This is to adhere to the strict requirement of preventing co-mingling of different groups and classes on the premises, and to allow the teachers time to clean the room before the next class.
  • No bags in the Dance rooms – water bottles only.
  • No bare feet – grip socks are acceptable alternatives.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, as we continue to adjust to our new processes and operations in order to get you all back in our studios and theatre. We welcome you to contact us is you have queries.